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Food marketing deals threatened by waste reduction efforts


Supermarkets in the UK could be offering half-price deals on perishable food items instead of buy one, get one free offers in an effort to reduce food waste, according to a report in Advertising Age.

Buy one, get one free deals – or BOGOFs – are a valuable promotion tool for food that is near its sell-by date.

However, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is asking supermarkets to offer half price deals on these products rather than BOGOFS, as part of tough targets on reducing food waste, reported Advertising Age.

According to last year’s publication of Food Matters: Towards a strategy for the 21st century, UK consumers are throwing away a total of £10bn worth of food each year. It said that the widespread concern about soaring food prices “sits awkwardly” alongside proof that consumers dispose of 6.7m tonnes of food waste each year, 4.1m tonnes of which could have been eaten. This equates to £420 per household every year.

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