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Standards accreditation allows expansion – Intertek

By Joe Whitworth+


Intertek backed by ANSIAC
Intertek backed by ANSIAC

Intertek has achieved initial accreditation of Safe Quality Food (SQF) and Food Safety Fundamental Standards allowing it to expand its food safety certification program.

Accreditation to the Safe Quality Food System Elements includes the Food Safety Fundamentals: Good Manufacturing Practices for pre-processing of animal, plant, and food products.

The Safe Quality Food standard links the supply chain from farm to fork.

Good Manufacturing Practice is the quality assurance that ensures products are consistently produced and controlled to quality standards appropriate for intended use and conform to regulatory requirements by health authorities.

Intertek said the quality systems provide validation that food suppliers are diligent to manufacturers and the end consumer, ensuring food has been produced, prepared, handled, packaged, distributed and transported to the highest possible standards and recognised good practices.

Approval was granted by the American National Standards Institute Accreditation Committee (ANSIAC).

The SQF Program and Food Safety Fundamentals Good Manufacturing Practice audits will be conducted by qualified auditors with Intertek’s Food Safety certification audits, or as a stand-alone service.

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