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Pepsi Cola Bottling Co., resolves violations with EPA


EPA resolves violations with Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.

EPA resolves violations with Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has resolved violations with four Guam companies, including Pepsi Cola Bottling Co., for their failure to report the amount of diesel fuel and other hazardous chemicals stored at their facilities.

Pepsi Cola Bottling Co., based in Tamuning, paid $2,000 for the violation of the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) and submitted the relevant reports.

Under EPCRA regulations, facilities that maintain Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals in the workplace must submit a Tier II report for any hazardous chemical in excess of 10,000.

For certain "Extremely Hazardous Substances" the reporting trigger is 500 pounds, or the "Threshold Planning Quantity," whichever is less.

Companies must report to emergency planners and fire departments to be aware of the hazardous materials used or stored in their communities, said the EPA.

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