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PlasticsEurope slams French BPA decision


PlasticsEurope has said the French Senate decision to ban BPA “has no safety benefit for consumers, disregards European law and risk assessment, and severely distorts the internal and international market”.

The Senate rubber stamped plans yesterday to ban BPA in baby food packaging next year and all food containers by 2015.

The industry group expressed “severe disappointment” at the decisionsaying it fails to respect EU and global authority risk assessments and that a reassessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is expected in May 2013.

PlasticsEurope said the decision may result in a reduction of consumer safety and will create a significant distortion of the internal and international market for food contact goods in the EU.  

“The “reversing” of the roles between EU and Member States regarding decisions on food safety sets a dangerous precedent whereby established EU risk management processes are ignored, the integrity and credibility of EFSA and other EU risk assessment bodies are undermined and the functioning of the internal and international market is severely threatened,” said the group.

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