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Projected Campylobacter increase in Belgium prompts call for action

Campylobacter incidence in Belgium may almost double by 2020, according to estimates.

Food safety recall round-up 15-21 September 2017

Recalls: Botulism, insect excrement and cleaning fluid

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

FSA hits back at poor abattoir hygiene claims

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has hit back following claims of poor hygiene practices and ineffective regulations in some UK abattoirs.

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CWI and Meyn look to boost poultry quality control

Meyn Food Processing and a Dutch research institute are to develop novel 3D spectral imaging techniques for the poultry industry.

German survey identifies mercury and dioxin as most well-known contaminants

Mercury and dioxin are the most recognised contaminants while pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) are almost unknown to the German public, according to a study.

Salmonella investigation uncovers cooking method risk

An investigation into a Salmonella outbreak in Canada has suggested the cooking method for chicken shawarma may represent a risk.

Almost 600 fipronil alerts in RASFF - Andriukaitis

The original fipronil notification has led to nearly 600 follow-up alerts in RASFF, according to the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety.

Listeria reacts to and blocks cleaning and disinfectants through genetics

Certain genetic mechanisms allow Listeria monocytogenes to react to and block the effects of cleaning solutions and disinfectants, according to a study.

FSNS opens food testing lab in Omaha

Food Safety Net Services (FSNS) has opened a 16,400 square foot lab in Omaha, Nebraska with an investment in excess of $3m.

Conveyor belt possible contamination hotspot in Listeria outbreak

Environmental sampling in a plant linked to a Listeria outbreak in Germany has revealed a conveyor belt on which food was placed before packaging as a potential contamination hotspot.

Food safety recall round-up 1-7 September 2017

Recalls: Cadmium, mycotoxins and Salmonella

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Lithuania and Denmark.

More than 200 sickened by Salmonella from Mexican papayas

The outbreak of Salmonella in the US linked to imported papayas has passed 200 cases.

SwissDeCode launches portable rapid DNA test

SwissDeCode has launched a portable rapid DNA test that gives results in 30 minutes.

update: DVFA reaction

Four ill and one dead from Listeria in salmon

Four people have been sickened and one has died from Listeria in salmon processed in Poland and sold in Denmark.

Food safety recall round-up 25-31 August 2017

Recalls: Listeria, allergens and patulin

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, Australia, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark.

Mixed reaction to Chinese cooked chicken import plans

Plans to allow China to export cooked chicken from poultry slaughtered in the country to the US have prompted strong reactions from both sides of the debate.

IAEA and FAO support projects in Pakistan and Benin

A lab in Pakistan supported by the IAEA and FAO has earned International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accreditation.

Food safety recall round-up 18-24 August 2017

Recalls: Fipronil, milk and Listeria

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Denmark.

Brazilian meat checks drive European F&B alerts

Contaminated meat from Brazil was the driving force behind a rise in food and beverage notifications during Q2 2017, according to Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS.

Part one: Merieux Nutrisciences, Shimadzu, Agrolab and Fera

Fipronil scandal drives testing demand in chicken and egg-based products

Analytical labs have told FoodQualityNews they have experienced a big increase in demand for testing mainly from EU countries following the fipronil egg contamination scandal.

China direct

Chinese retailers jumping on blockchain to safeguard against scandals

China’s second-biggest e-commerce platform has taken to using blockchain technology to help consumers track the provenance of some of the food available on its site.

News in brief

PassTrac Analytics helps meat firms enhance food safety programs

PassTrac Analytics has partnered with a company that uses predictive modeling and prescriptive analytics technology to enhance the food safety programs of meat protein companies.

Food safety recall round-up 4-10 August 2017

Recalls: E. coli O26, cyanide and unauthorized additives

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark.

One in five sausage samples subject to species substitution

One in five sausages sampled contained meat not declared on the label, according to a Canadian study.


‘Hundreds’ sickened by histamine poisoning from fish

Potentially hundreds of people across Europe have been sickened in outbreaks caused by histamine levels in fish.

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