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Best Sanitizers introduces hand soap

By staff reporter , 25-Nov-2016
Last updated on 25-Nov-2016 at 10:50 GMT2016-11-25T10:50:58Z

Hand hygiene key component to reduce cross-contamination

Best Sanitizers has added to its line of professional hand soaps.

The Alpet E1 Fragrance-Free Foam Soap is for processors and food service companies who don’t require a sanitizing soap in their Standard Operating Practices (SOPs).

Proper hand hygiene practices are crucial in controlling pathogens. However, each facility is different and not all food plants require sanitizing hand soap in their SOPs.

Best Sanitizers claims its products – which include surface sanitizers, industrial cleaners, boot scrubber units and footwear sanitizing systems – are used in more than 9,000 US food processing facilities.

Ryan Witt, Best Sanitizers’ VP of sales and marketing, said: “We saw a need for an NSF E1 rated hand soap in the food processing industry. We want to provide food industry professionals with the tools they need to reduce cross-contamination.”

Alpet E1 is a fragrance-free hand soap with thick foaming properties. It is FD&C colorant approved, meets Safer Choice standards and is NSF registered. It is available in a 1250mL cartridge and a one-gallon bottle.

The Alpet E1 1250mL cartridge can be used with the VersaClenz Manual or Touchless Dispenser. This system can dispense 16 products including sprays, foams, liquids, lotions, soaps and sanitizers.

In the gallon size bottle, Alpet E1 Fragrance-Free Foam Soap can be dispensed with one of Best Sanitizers’ stainless steel dispensers. These options include the 1-2 Knockout Wrist-Activated Dispenser and EZ Step Wall-Mounted Foot-Activated Dispenser.

For processors looking for a smaller footprint, the one-gallon bottle can be placed in the Stainless Steel Gallon Wall Bracket.

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