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Analytik Jena tech now available for manual extraction

By Joe Whitworth+


Picture: Analytik Jena

Picture: Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena has made its SmartExtraction technology available for manual isolation of nucleic acids.

The technology, based on the use of smart modified surfaces for the binding of nucleic acids, does not need phenol/chloroform, ion exchangers, filter columns or filter plates, or suspensions from magnetic or paramagnetic particles for the binding of nucleic acids.

Analytik Jena made the announcement at the Labvolution/Biotechnica trade fair this week in Hanover, Germany.

The technology was launched last year at the Analytica trade fair in Munich.

Analytik Jena said SmartExtraction technology simplifies the manual extraction of genomic DNA from various starting materials — requiring less equipment than conventional methods.

Instead of requiring procedures with a centrifuge the process takes place in a thermoshaker, it added.

Nucleic acid isolation and purification are among the most widespread lab methods.

Following the lysis stage, released nucleic acids are bound to the surfaces of mineral materials, washed and removed again. Spin columns or filter plates with glass fiber materials or magnetic or paramagnetic particles with functionalized surfaces are mainly used as a mineral solid phase.

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