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Norway investigates Salmonella outbreak

Norwegian authorities are investigating an outbreak caused by a rare variant of Salmonella Typhimurium.

Food safety recall round-up 15-21 September 2017

Recalls: Botulism, insect excrement and cleaning fluid

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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FoodLogiQ secures funding to help growth push

FoodLogiQ has secured an undisclosed amount of funding to help fuel growth in the traceability and transparency sector.

Swedish Salmonella outbreak from Polish eggs

At least 12 people have been sickened by Salmonella in Sweden from eggs from Poland.

Salmonella investigation uncovers cooking method risk

An investigation into a Salmonella outbreak in Canada has suggested the cooking method for chicken shawarma may represent a risk.

Eight Salmonella strains linked to outbreaks from papaya

Eight serotypes of Salmonella are behind separate outbreaks in the US linked to imported Maradol papayas from Mexico.

Almost 600 fipronil alerts in RASFF - Andriukaitis

The original fipronil notification has led to nearly 600 follow-up alerts in RASFF, according to the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety.

Conveyor belt possible contamination hotspot in Listeria outbreak

Environmental sampling in a plant linked to a Listeria outbreak in Germany has revealed a conveyor belt on which food was placed before packaging as a potential contamination hotspot.

Random testing finds hepatitis A in pineapple chunks

Random testing has found Hepatitis A in Western Family brand fresh pineapple chunks, according to the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC).  

Food safety recall round-up 1-7 September 2017

Recalls: Cadmium, mycotoxins and Salmonella

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Lithuania and Denmark.

Mondelez recalls biscuits due to likely presence of fipronil

Mondelez has withdrawn six batches of biscuits in Czech Republic and Slovakia due to the likely presence of fipronil.

Myprotein: Salmonella recall ‘isolated incident caused by 3rd party supplier’

Myprotein is recalling more than 10 products from multiple countries due to Salmonella.

More than 200 sickened by Salmonella from Mexican papayas

The outbreak of Salmonella in the US linked to imported papayas has passed 200 cases.

Companies realizing importance of serialization - Omron

Spectris is to sell Microscan Systems Inc. (Microscan) to Omron Corporation (Omron) for $157m (£123m).

Fipronil: MEPs slam delays and call for accountability

MEPs have criticised member states for delays and called for accountability during the fipronil in eggs crisis.

update: DVFA reaction

Four ill and one dead from Listeria in salmon

Four people have been sickened and one has died from Listeria in salmon processed in Poland and sold in Denmark.

Food safety recall round-up 25-31 August 2017

Recalls: Listeria, allergens and patulin

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, Australia, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark.

Mixed reaction to Chinese cooked chicken import plans

Plans to allow China to export cooked chicken from poultry slaughtered in the country to the US have prompted strong reactions from both sides of the debate.

Foodstuff most frequently intercepted counterfeit product

Foodstuff was the most frequently intercepted counterfeit product during a joint World Customs Organization (WCO) operation in Asia Pacific.

Mixed quarter for FDA and USDA recalls

FDA recalls and recalled units fell in Q2 but recalls and recalled pounds rose on the USDA side, according to Stericycle ExpertSOLUTIONS.

Food safety recall round-up 18-24 August 2017

Recalls: Fipronil, milk and Listeria

Food and beverage alerts were made by USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Denmark.

Nestlé, Unilever, Walmart and others look at blockchain with IBM

Dole, Nestlé, Tyson Foods, Unilever and Walmart are part of a consortium with IBM which will identify areas where the food supply chain can benefit from blockchain.

Slovakian botulism case linked to rare subtype in hummus

A very rare subtype implicated in only one previous outbreak was responsible for a case of botulism in Slovakia, according to research.

Norovirus detected in water coolers linked to outbreak - study

High levels of norovirus genotypes I and II were detected in office water coolers associated with an outbreak last year.

Four Salmonella strains linked to papaya outbreak

Two different types of Salmonella have been added to an outbreak investigation into papayas which has sickened 173 people.

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