Leak tester allows package contents to be reclaimed

By Ahmed ElAmin

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A flexible, repeatable leak test system allows the contents of
damaged packaging to be reused and for the return of seal-tight
products to the processing line.

Uson's new Qualipak-L783 is aimed at directly at processors searching for a more efficient method of doing such routine testing jobs. The increasingly stringent hygiene demands of regulatory bodies and food processors for the assurance of packaging integrity has driven providers such as Uson to develop better testing proceduresto replace the messy, time consuming and operator dependent bubble and dye penetration methods. The Qualipak-L783 uses a vacuum system to perform non destructive tests on package integrity. The method saves the cost of destroying good packs and allows the contents from defective packs to berecycled. It serves as a replacement machine for plants that currently use the destructive immersion and dye ingress testing methods. It can be used to test sachets, pouches, bags, trays and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) used in the food, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The machine uses the principle of measuring changes of force generated by a pack under vacuum. The L783 is able to find leaks as small as 25 microns, according to the company. The system consists of the company's Model 1100 test instrument, a vacuum source and aluminum chamber. The Model 1100 controls the evacuation of the vacuum chamber and monitors the changes inforce exerted by the container during the test cycle. Each test cycle usually lasts less than one minute. The tester has an anodized aluminum chamber and base. The aluminum chamber is the audit tester and accommodates up to 30 x 24 x 8in. gusseted bags. The tester comes with an auto sensor height adjustment and has custom volume filling infill. A PCMCIA card slot and touch screen input allows workers to plot pressure graphics. Since it is bench mounted it is portable, reducing the need to transfer packs to special test areas. Tests can be performed by packaging machine operators, rather than by specialist personnel. Nooperator interpretation required. The interchangeable infills help support and restrain small or very flexible packs while under testing. Uson can provide extra infills, configured to specification, for use with different packsizes. The infills allow varying container sizes to be tested in the same chamber with minimum changeover time and expense. The Qualipak-L782 has a chamber size of 24x18x3in. External links to companies or organisations mentioned in this story: Uson

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