Dual beam x-ray improves detection accuracy

By George Reynolds

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A new x-ray system uses two beams to achieve dual detection for
increased accuracy and improved product quality, its manufacturer

InspX said its ScanTrac Dou ensures inspection coverage on the bottom of glass jars and bottles, which could otherwise be missed by systems using single beams. ScanTrac Duo detects foreign materials in packaged products, while inspecting for imperfections and underfills, the company claims. X-ray detection offers processors the assurance that and defects are identified before products progress to the next stage of processing, or are shipped out for consumption. Inspection systems can also alert operators to foreign materials that could disrupt processing lines and potentially harm consumers. Tougher hygiene regulations require all food businesses to implement a documented safety management system based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles. HACCP is a tool to assess hazards and establish control systems that focus on prevention rather than relying mainly on end-product testing. It is an internationally accepted systematic method of identifying specific hazards in plants and measures for their control to ensure the safety of food. About 95 per cent of glass bottles and jars feature a push-up bottom that creates a "shadow", which can make detecting contaminants resting on the bottom of the container difficult to find with a single x-ray beam, according to InspX. The system provides real-time, non-contact inspection, detecting and automatically rejecting out-of-tolerance products from the production line, claims the manufacturer. A low-energy x-ray and sophisticated image processing software detect smallest contaminants, achieving a false reject rate of less than 1:10,000, the company claims. Systems can be mounted, without modification, on conveyers running at speeds of up to 700 feet per minute, carrying up to 1,400 containers per minute, claims the manufacturer. Products of up to eight inches diameter and 16 inches in height can be handled by the system, which can be adjusted to inspect a range of products. Diameter size inspection changes can be made in minutes with no changeover tools required, while products with the same diameter can be handled in seconds via pre-programmed products recipes, InspX claims. Systems feature a multi-lingual user interface, built-in diagnostics, auto-calibration and remote monitoring, for easier and more efficient operation, claims the company. InspX, based in California, manufactures x-ray inspection systems for businesses worldwide in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care and other industries.

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