Solae builds quality assurance bulk

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Soy ingredient firm Solae is extending its internal food safety and quality assurance capabilities with two new specialists, in line with growing expectations from consumers.

Food safety has been much in the news, with issues such as melamine in dairy products and pet food, salmonella in peanut products, and meat safety recalls hitting the headlines.

John Hoffman, global director of quality assurance at Solae, told that there is “heightened awareness of food safety amongst consumers – and that is a good thing”. ​Consumer awareness is making retailers more aware, and that translates to ingredients suppliers ensuring that they are delivering safe, quality inputs.

Although there have not been any specific scares relating to soy, food quality and safety is a global concern for the industry.

To help ensure it has the checks in place and to take quality assurance and safety “to the next level” ​Solae has appointed Jason Mann, PhD, as global group leader for food safety and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Hoffman said in the past, Solae has used the HACCP expertise of one of its partner companies. Solae is a joint venture between two agri-food giants, Bunge and DuPont.

Dr Mann’s task is now to look at the current plans and to implement detailed refinements.

Solae has also employed Hector DeVitre, former director of food quality and safety at Agrana.

Hoffman said DeVitre’s brief is to help standardize quality control laboratories at different manufacturing sites and to help optimize standards to make them more effective.

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