New alternatives to modified starches and fats target dairy desserts

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

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UK-based ingredients supplier Ulrick and Short has extended its range of starches and fat replacers for use in dairy desserts, custards and fruit compotes.

The company’s maize and tapioca-based starch ranges, under the Synergie and Delyte brands, have already been developed for fat replacement in bakery products, ready meal sauces, meat products and fillings, such ganache and butter cream.

However the company has said that it wishes to move into the dairy sector in order to position itself for the unveiling of a ‘functional foods’ range next year “as the dairy industry is extremely open to functional products and has already embraced products such as probiotic drinks.”

No one from Ulrick and Short was available to discuss the details of this proposed new range prior to publication, but before adding healthy ingredients to foods, manufacturers generally ensure that their products are low in negative nutrients, such as fat, sugar and salt.

The company, which focuses on the development of clean label ingredients, claimed that its new Synergie ingredients give manufacturers the option of an additive-free thickening agent, which is particularly suited to fruit compotes.

Meanwhile, the new additions to its Delyte range – which targets dairy desserts – provide companies with “cost saving opportunities and in some cases can reduce milk solids,” ​the company claimed.

The ingredients maker has previously estimated that using its Delyte products in ready meals can provide savings of up to £1000 (approximately €1,125 at today’s rates) per tonne of butter.

Apart from cost, the company said that its new ingredients can lengthen shelf life, due to their water-binding properties, and added that they are “ideal for manufacturers because of their high process tolerance, stability and superior mouthfeel.” ​Retaining good mouthfeel has been a long-standing problem for manufacturers that attempt to lower fat content in terms of preserving consumer acceptability, and one that the company has been seeking to address.

Ulrick and Short works directly with manufacturers to help integrate its ingredients into finished products.

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