Prerequisite programmes – what plant managers need to know

By Rory Harrington

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Prerequisite safety programmes for packaging operations have developed hugely over the past five years but still rely on the commitment of plant managers to make them work, Graham Packaging’s Suzanne Matuszewski told

Speaking at last week’s Pack Expo in Las Vegas, the company’s manager for global sustainability and regulatory compliance explained the increasing scope of these schemes was being driven by the need to treat packaging as an integral part of the food chain – rather than something separate from it.

Matuszewski provided key insights into what she believed prerequisite programmes (PRP) should contain. These included strong adherence to good manufacturing practices and an in-depth awareness of allergen issues.

The ability of packaging outfits – and especially plant managers - to anticipate up-coming hazards is also crucial, she said.

A member of Institute of Packaging Professionals Food Safety Alliance for Packaging (FSAP), Matuszewski assessed the potential ramifications of the recently passed Food Safety Modernization Act for packaging players.

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