Linpac partners with Addmaster for built-in antimicrobial packaging

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Linpac rolls out packaging with built-in antimicrobial additive
Linpac Packaging has partnered with a creator of antimicrobial technology to reduce bacteria growth on the outside of fresh meat packages.

Addmaster will supply the silver-based additive, created in 2000, which is moulded into the outer surfaces of Linpac’s range of trays and films for the meat industry.

The additive is applied to the outside of any plastic, paper, textile, paint or coating product.

Contamination concern

Contamination from Salmonella and E.coli is a concern for the supply chain and the move aims to prevent cross-contamination during preparation, processing, packing and distribution.

Treated products have been proven through independent ISO 22196 testing to reduce the growth of Campylobacter on their surface by up to 99.99% and kill E.coli and Salmonella.

Linpac said the additive can be adopted into a variety of trays and films for a slight cost increase and could be used in supermarkets as early as next year

Alan Davey, director of innovation at Linpac Packaging, said: “While the correct handling and preparation of food by consumers at home prevents contamination, our work with Addmaster is addressing concerns raised by our customers and is helping them to reduce the chances of bacterial growth on the outer packaging of fresh meat products in the stages between farm and fork.

“Linpac Packaging is committed to helping its customers deliver safer food products by bringing together innovation and technology to develop high quality packaging solutions.”

It targets poultry due to the threat of campylobacter infection, but the packaging could also be used for fish.

Range of solutions

The news comes on the back of the announcement from in May about Linpac working with supplier companies to develop a range of antimicrobial solutions to reduce spoilage.

The methods included antimicrobial varnishes added to films and trays after manufacturer, labels or pads containing the additives to be included within food packages to soak up meat juices and antimicrobial agents added to the polymer mix so they are part of the packaging production process.

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