‘Gard’ against adhesive problems

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Gard Chemicals resolve adhesive cleaning issues
Gard Chemicals resolve adhesive cleaning issues
Gard Chemicals is helping packaging and food manufacturers remove and prevent adhesive from sticking to surfaces.

The firm has developed biodegradable adhesive cleaners and release agents for hot and cold glues.

The range of formulations covers external adhesive removers for in situ cleaning, liquid hot melt purges for pre melt units and hoses and release agents for preventing adhesives (Hot and Cold) from adhering to surfaces.

Gard looked at the old problems / chemical formulations associated with cleaning applications and chemical formulations, such as flammable cleaners, solvents, citrus based cleaners, paraffin wax granules etc.  

Gard Chemicals said the formulations will provide the end user with enhanced performance, increased safety levels and reduced environmental risks, as the range is manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.

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