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Analytica 2014: An editor's view

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Analytica 2014 - what did you think of the trade show?
Analytica 2014 - what did you think of the trade show?
‘The same machines you see here are used in applications from food testing to looking at cancer’, one exhibitor told me during the 2014 Analytica Trade Show in Munich.

Maybe that shouldn’t be as surprising as I found it. I guess when you think about it, it is kind of logical with whole genome sequencing (WGS) the clearest example.

My excuse is as a journalist and having the mantra: ‘To know a little about a lot’ is I hadn’t really thought about all these applications. I take the latest instrument unveiling and more or less the first questions is: ‘What can it do for food safety or as a quality analysis tool?’  

Two of more than 30,000

It was my first Analytica exhibition and with my colleague we joined more than 34,400 visitors to Munich (compared to 30,481 in 2012) for the 24th​ version of the trade show.

I have been to a number of shows in Germany but this was my first one focussed around food analysis and lab instrumentation so it was good to see how it all actually works.

The fair also had a record number of exhibitors: 1,142 companies from 40 countries (an increase of 11.3% from two years ago) and while we didn’t get around everyone we certainly clocked up some miles.

Talking of miles, the trade show even managed to combat a pilot strike in which my colleague was almost caught up in!

Trends and techs

Automation was a big part of the show with the number of samples needing to be processed just not seeming to allow manual only operation. There also seems to be a move to make machines simpler so you don’t have to be a specialist in whichever area it is to operate it – this is helpful for someone like me as I continue to learn the ins and outs of the industry.  

As for trends it was rapid but accurate analysis and the increasing role of speciation after the horse meat scandal of last year, food fraud has become a highlighted area. The globalisation of the food chain was another topic that I think we are only going to see more and more of as time goes on.   

I hope that the Special Newsletter that this prefaces will give you a good insight into the show if you didn’t make it yourself. (I’d like to point out that there are further articles in related news and still more to come so stay tuned!)

As always, feedback is welcomed via joe.whitworth@wrbm.com​ or through our social media channels (Twitter​, Facebook​ and LinkedIn​) and if I didn’t get time to swing by your booth get in contact as it is never too late for a chat.

To conclude, the next meeting is in Shanghai on September 24, 2014—for Analytica China. The global Analytica network is represented in India and Vietnam.

The next Analytica takes place in Munich from May 10–13, 2016 and I sure hope to be there.

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