3M’s Petrifilm celebrates 30th anniversary

Food safety is increasing in China and India

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3M’s Petrifilm 30th anniversary
The awareness of food safety in general is increasing, especially in developing countries, according to 3M.

Kevin McGoldrick, director, sales, 3M Food Safety, told FoodProductionDaily China and India are at the top of the list due to their developing economies and the increased awareness in food safety.


Globilization of food supplies

He said with the internet, more people have access to news and information. They’re seeing that food can be safe if the right precautions are put in place and they’re demanding it locally.

Those are the two biggest emerging markets currently​,” he added.

We are also seeing the impact from the globalization of food and food supplies. There are more imports and exports around the world and that’s causing concern at multinational companies who are buying materials from local markets where food safety practices are still developing​.

In response, they are collaborating with these suppliers to make sure best practices are in place to ensure safe food​.”

McGoldrick added he sees organizations like the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) taking an active role in harmonizing food safety best practices around the world.  

GFSI was launched in 2000 as a business-driven initiative for the continuous improvement of food safety management systems.

It provides a platform for collaboration between some of the world's food safety experts from retailer, manufacturer and food service companies, service providers associated with the food supply chain, international organizations, academia and government.
GFSI is great because it increases food safety competencies and everyone wins – consumers, manufacturers and regulators – by sharing these food safety best practices​,” said McGoldrick.


30th anniversary

I predict more of this type of collaboration will occur in the future in an effort to continue improving the world’s food supply​.”

He added this year is3M Petrifilm’s 30th​ anniversary.

I was involved with the development of the product at the very beginning.  This year is the product’s 30th​ anniversary, which speaks of the quality and utility of the product​,” he said.

Petrifilm has stood the test of time because it improves operational efficiencies and helps food companies better protect their brand. 3M continues to bring new Petrifilm products to the market, as well as other technologies, to improve food safety.  There remains a lot of opportunity on a global basis​. “

The3M Food Safety department develops products for food manufacturers and processors to ensure the safety and quality of the products they are manufacturing.

My beginnings in the food safety industry trace back over 30 years with 3M, when I used my education in microbiology and chemistry to land an internship working on a new 3M technology called Petrifilm​,” said McGoldrick.

At the end of the internship 3M offered me a job and the rest is history. I also happen to be a second-generation employee following my father, who worked in 3M’s Electrical Products Division​.

Food safety is a great field to go into because the global awareness is increasing and the industry will be around for a long time. It is also a job which everyone can relate to as everyone must eat and understands the importance of safe food​.

Food safety best practices and technology continue to improve each year; it is an exciting field to be in​.”

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