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3D Raman Image of a pollen in crystalline honey. Data was acquired and processed with the WITec Suite software
3D Raman Image of a pollen in crystalline honey. Data was acquired and processed with the WITec Suite software
WITec has launched updated software for its imaging systems to acquire and process large data volumes of high-resolution measurements and 3D imaging.

The WiTec Suite software incorporates techniques and measurement modes from Raman, to Atomic Force (AFM), Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM), fluorescence and luminescence.

Additional functions for data evaluation and processing have been added and the user interface was simplified for an easier software operation.

Software development

Dr Sonja Breuninger, technical marketing and PR at the firm, said it was a development on its WITec Project software.

“Comprehensive high-resolution sample analyses usually come along with large data sets, so modern imaging software needs to cope with that,” ​she told

“While providing a flexible and sophisticated imaging software, the software design needs to ensure the usability for a wide range of users with different experience levels and requirements.”

Data acquisition allows for the measurement and recording of more than 1,300 Raman spectra in only one second.

Data sets including several million image pixels, containing the information of a complete Raman spectrum or an AFM pulsed force mode-curve, can be generated, processed, and imaged with WITec Suite, said the firm.

Food industry applicable

Breuninger said various samples from liquids to emulsions, solid samples, or coatings are analysed in the food industry on a regular basis.

“Flexible analysing tools provide the opportunity to adjust the imaging technique to varying requirements,” ​she said.

“In combination with a powerful software the different sample characteristics can be comprehensively analysed and depth profiles and 3D images can be generated to visualize the results in a clear and comprehensible manner.”

Explaining the main image, Breuninger said it shows a 3D shot of a natural honey sample investigated by confocal Raman microscopy.

“The WITec Suite software [was] used for measurement control, data acquisition and processing, and 3D image generation,” ​she said.

“The resulting colour-coded 3D image displays pollen shown in green surrounded by different crystalline phases of the honey in red, blue and cyan and the liquid honey phase displayed in yellow.”  

WITec Suite includes Control FOUR, a software tool for measurement control and data acquisition, and Project FOUR, a data evaluation and processing software.

The license terms facilitate the installation of Project FOUR on an unlimited number of computers permitting the user to process data and generate images wherever required.

“Unprecedented performance and speed facilitate the acquisition of large data volumes and the generation of 3D images and large-area scans,” ​said Dr Olaf Hollricher, R&D Director at WITec.

“The capabilities of WITec Suite match perfectly with the requirements for high-speed data acquisition and processing of large data volumes and provide an accomplished combination of comprehensive data analysis and ease-of-use.”

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