Celebrates 25th anniversary thanks to clients including Birds Eye and Nisbets

TME launches ThermoBarScan thermometer with Bluetooth and a Barcode

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TME ThermoBarScan thermometer Bluetooth Barcode
TM Electronics (TME) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and has launched MM7100 ThermoBarScan, a Bluetooth thermometer with integral barcode scanner for the food industry. 

The firm, based in the UK, works with companies including Birds Eye, Brakes and Nisbets and has revamped its website with an international appeal for overseas distributors.

Thermometers, sensors and probes

Tom Sensier, managing director, TME, told FoodProductionDaily, ThermoBarScan is a ‘ground-breaking’ concept with huge potential for enhanced traceability. 

Food processors can use the barcodes to match a location, product or process with a timed temperature result, setting the barcode with their own alarms and remedial action prompts. They can also download the data into their own paperless logbooks​,” he said.

To coincide with the product launch, it seemed the perfect time to make a much bolder statement abroad, with our website, and to target overseas markets in a more strategic way​.”

TME is a British, family-run business that designs and manufactures thermometers, sensors and probes. Its temperature measurement equipment is used in the food industry; processing, logistics and catering and for water temperature testing and in manufacturing. 

Online presence

The biggest game changer in today’s climate is the internet. From a business point of view that’s been great for SMEs like ours that can now tap into markets that would previously have been closed off,​” added Sensier.

We’ve made great strides in improving our online presence, but of course our competitors have been just as busy doing the same. So we have to try harder than ever before to stand out from the crowd.

We are undeniably in the middle of a communications revolution which doesn’t look set to fizzle out any time soon. Shopping isn’t just about a buying a thing and handing over the cash. If we want to win new customers – wherever they are in the world - we need to understand what makes them tick, and what it is they really want​.

Being able to rise to this challenge with better use of interactive marketing, social media and ecommerce is likely to have a significant effect​.”

Sensier said the next project for TME is the launch of its point and probe catering thermometer this year.

It is something more streamlined than the temperature industry has seen before, with extra green credentials and a unique storage system​,” he added.

With regard to overseas markets, differences in regulation and trading practices are the biggest challenge as well as cultural differences​.

Consumers in these countries will appreciate the value of British design, our extensive application knowledge and our experience. It’s up to us to find out about their particular drivers​.”

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