PerkinElmer: Triple quad enables testing of complex samples

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Picture: PerkinElmer. The QSight triple quad system
Picture: PerkinElmer. The QSight triple quad system
PerkinElmer has launched a Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS instrument at analytica China.

The QSight triple quad system offers patented flow-based mass spectrometry so laboratories can test complex samples with increased throughput.

Combined with the Altus UPLC instrument, the QSight system covers from sample preparation to results and reporting for food, industrial and environmental applications.

For regulatory food safety purposes, the QSight instrument can detect a range of pesticides found in crops.

It can also test foods for mycotoxins and antibiotics as well as analyze veterinary drugs and nutritional components.

Addition to mass spec portfolio and plans for GC

Shixin Sun, senior manager, mass spec platforms for PerkinElmer’s Discovery & Analytical Solutions business, said throughput is limited by the analysis run time and instrument uptime.

“Triple Quadruple instruments are typically run at unit resolution (0.7amu), however, QSight can run at high resolution mode (0.3amu or lower) to eliminate interferences or decrease noise level without losing much sensitivity,” ​he told FoodQualityNews.

“Detector limits are compound specific, QSight delivers superior sensitivity within its class. QSight offers highest uptime, thus increasing throughput, with its StayClean source, HSID interface and flow based technologies.”

Sun said QSight will have different models to meet customer needs and is an addition to the mass spectrometry portfolio with gas chromatography forming part of future offerings.

The instrument has the StayClean Source, a self-cleaning design for sensitivity and uptime, Laminar Flow Ion Guide for field-free transmission and Dual Source technology to set ESI or APCI modes, with two independent probes for multiplexing.

Flexibility was the key significance of the Dual Source technology, said Sun.

“The customer can configure both probes as ESIs or both APCIs. This allows customers to either use one probe for instrument tuning, the other one for sample analysis. Or use both probes for sample analysis by using two LCs, this will increase sample throughput by using 100% MS time,” ​he said.

“The customer can also configure one probe as ESI, one probe as APCI to analyse all class of compounds within single injection, since some compounds can only be ionized in ESI mode or APCI mode.

“PerkinElmer offers three types of ionization source: ESI, APCI or APPI. Once analytes are ionized, it will be transmitted by the laminar flow ion guide.

“With QSight’s StayClean source, HSID interface and flow based technologies, QSight offers highest uptime, and allows customers to analyse more samples without the needs of shutting down the instrument for cleaning.”

Sun said it helps reduce matrix interferences through desolation by HSID interface and running the Q1 selection window at high resolution instead of unit resolution without sacrificing sensitivity.

PerkinElmer also featured the Torion T-9 GC/MS, a small portable GC/MS for analyses in the field at the trade show.

The system is self-contained, weighing 32 pounds, can operate under harsh conditions and is rechargeable-battery operated.

Organizational changes

Meanwhile, the firm has made organizational changes which it claimed would help boost growth and expand market share.

The Environmental Health and Life Science Solutions businesses will combine to form Discovery and Analytical Solutions.

It said this will help in serving applications-oriented customers in the food, environmental, industrial and life sciences markets.

Jim Corbett was named EVP and president, discovery and analytical Solutions.

Corbett said it continues to invest in areas which offer attractive organic growth.

“In the food market, one example of a geography in which we’ve experienced strong demand for our food safety testing solutions is China.”

The firm did not respond when asked if the move would lead to job losses or plant closures.

PerkinElmer's Diagnostics business, focused on reproductive health, emerging market diagnostic solutions and applied genomics, will become a standalone business segment to meet the needs of clinically-oriented customers in regulated markets.

Prahlad Singh, who has been named SVP and president, diagnostics, will lead this business.

Robert Friel, chairman and CEO, said it was excited about taking the next step to drive profitable growth.

"These organizational changes will accelerate our application and technology development efforts for the benefit of PerkinElmer's customers as we expand our capabilities to provide more integrated solutions that address critical needs around the globe."

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