Pure Bioscience and Roka Bioscience partner

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Pure’s SDC products
Pure’s SDC products
Pure Bioscience and Roka Bioscience have signed a two year non-exclusive supply agreement.

It covers Pure's antimicrobial disinfecting and sanitizing processing aids for the food industry.

The agreement expands Roka Bioscience’s reach into the operational environments of food production with environmental and surface disinfectants and processing interventions for pathogen control.

It complements the Atlas system for foodborne pathogen testing.  

Mary Duseau, CEO of Roka Bioscience, said the partnership offers the industry increased control and resolution in pathogen detection and prevention.

"With the addition of the Pure Bioscience product line, Roka's commitment to food safety now extends from the processing floor to the laboratory.”

Pure’s technology platform is based on patented stabilized ionic silver and initial products contain silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC).

SDC is a non-toxic antimicrobial agent which offers 24-hour residual protection and can be formulated with other compounds.

Hank Lambert, CEO of Pure, said the partnership will enable it to extend its products to Roka’s customers.

“Our proven silver dihydrogen citrate based antimicrobial solutions have been adopted by Chipotle, Taylor Farms, Subway and numerous other food companies for effective pathogen reduction."

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