Regulation and safety

Drinks production plant in China. Picture: Aptean copyright: Getty.

‘Doing what you have always done is the enemy of progress’

‘How to avoid being the next food safety scandal’

By James Wood

‘A recent undercover report in the press did more than uncover low standards of food safety at a major UK food manufacturer – it also highlighted the importance of organisations having the relevant electronic systems in place to prevent issues arising...


FSSAI to draw up new packaging regulations

By RJ Whitehead

Cases of contamination owing to the use of substandard materials have prompted the Indian regulator to take action by preparing new food packaging guidelines.

Civil complaint filed against Michel Cordon Bleu

FDA looks to shut down seafood processor

By Joseph James Whitworth

US authorities have taken action to prevent the distribution of ‘adulterated’ seafood products by a Californian company.