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Foodborne illness associated with berries

Foodborne illness from berries mapped

By Joseph James Whitworth

A reference guide for people concerned about the safety of fresh and frozen berry products has been created by researchers.

Mung bean sprouts. Picture copyright: Crispin Semmens/Flickr

Mung bean sprouts illness source revealed

By Joseph James Whitworth

An outbreak that sickened 126 people in Germany and the Netherlands traced to mung bean sprouts was caused by a single strain of Salmonella Newport.

Controls on growing vegetables in Norway. Photo: Masahiro Ihara/Flickr

Norway veg growing controls verdict

The controls for primary production of food of plant origin in Norway are in compliance with legislation but improvements could be made.

(Picture credit: flickr/Chotda)

Chilled fruit loses 80% of antioxidants

By Fiona Barry

Freeze-drying strawberries keeps all their Vitamin C and polyphenols and 92% of their antioxidants, saving more nutrients than by chilling.

One of the products recalled due to the E.coli O157 outbreak

Multistate outbreak of E.coli O157 from RTE salads

By Joseph James Whitworth

The DNA fingerprint in an outbreak of STEC E.coli O157 which has sickened 26 people has never been seen before in the national network, said the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).