Meat, fish and poultry

Cargill Meat Solutions staff responded favorably to MediaBox liquid culture media when they used it to test a large number of samples. Photo: Megan McMunn.


Cargill meat testing thinks outside the box

When Cargill Media Solutions needed to test a significant number of samples, they opted for ready-to-use liquid culture media to save time and effort.

Food experts faced off at the GFSC 2014 event in a game of Food Safety Jeopardy.


Cargill & Tyson Foods bring food safety to the fore

By Jenni Spinner

A trio of industry leaders recently gathered in a battle of wits, presented in a game-show format, to see whose knowledge of crucial food safety issues is the most impressive.

The National Chicken Council has launched, an informative website outlining safety, animal health, and other poultry industry concerns.

Poultry site clucks about chicken safety

By Jenni Spinner

The National Chicken Council’s recently launched site takes consumers and producers on a journey through the poultry industry.

One expert claims the US poultry industry is safer than before, but there is still room for improvement.

Is the US poultry industry a cause for alarm?

By Jenni Spinner

Salmonella outbreaks are raising red flags over the safety of the poultry supply; however, according to one expert, there may be less reason to worry than we think.

AB Sciex develops meat speciation test

AB Sciex develops meat speciation test

By Joseph James Whitworth

A meat speciation method for detecting pig and horse contamination has been developed by scientists at the University of Münster and AB Sciex. 

Tyson Foods recalls chicken contaminated with Salmonella

Chicken sickens 7 in US correctional facility

By Joseph James Whitworth

Tyson Foods is recalling separated chicken products contaminated with Salmonella which have sickened seven people in a Tennessee correctional facility.

Randy Phebus provides an update on the project

Novel tech to control STEC E.coli on beef

By Joseph James Whitworth

The potential of electrostatic spray technology to prevent shiga-toxin producing E.coli (STEC) in beef is being assessed by researchers.