BDSI says consumers needn't be alarmed as residues are tiny

Advent calendar chocolates safe, says BDSI


The German Confectionery Association (BDSI) has said that chocolates in advent calendars pose no health risk after a consumer group linked products to ‘cancerous’ mineral oils.

Live worms in milk ‘impossible’ - Mengniu

Live worms in milk ‘impossible’ - Mengniu

By Mark Astley

Chinese dairy giant Mengniu Dairy Co. has denied a claim that live worms were found in a carton of its milk, stating that it would be “impossible” for the creatures to survive its heat-treatment processes.

Iced tea contains a high level of oxalate, which can increase the risk of kidney stones, warns Milner.

Iced tea consumption linked to kidney stones

By Nathan Gray

High consumption of iced tea drinks could be linked to the formation of kidney stones – especially in those who are at high risk of the painful disorder – warns one researcher.