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Australia/New Zealand

Cautious response to regulator’s 'inconclusive' nano-tech review

By RJ Whitehead

The antipodean food regulator has commissioned an advisory group to assess the safety of nano-technology following the release of two reports reviewing the effects of nano-particles in food additives and food packaging.

The USDA will invest in nanoscale science and technology to improve pathogen monitoring

US invests in nanotechnology for food safety

By Oscar Rousseau

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced plans to pump millions into researching ways nanotechnology can be used to improve food safety.

RAFA 2015: Day 2 highlights

dispatches from RAFA 2015, Prague

RAFA: Nano, EU projects and US food safety work

By Joseph James Whitworth

Methods to analyse nanoparticles, food safety from the US perspective and insight into a range of EU projects were key topics during the second day of a conference in Prague.