Cooling tunnel chills each product separately

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A manufacturer based in Germany has developed a tunnel for chilling
a variety of products that need different times to cool down.

M+W Zander Gebäudetechnik said its cooling tunnel transports product discontinuously with the help of a transverse trolley.

This differs from a continuous tunnel, in which all the pallets remain in the tunnel as long as it takes to cool the product with the longest cooling time.

The company claims its method conserves energy and storing positions and thus reduces space requirements and costs.

The Zander discontinuous tunnel contains a number of fixed storage cells in which the product remains during the cooling process. The product is moved only when it is transported in or out. As soon as a pallet has reached its final temperature, it is conveyed out of the tunnel.

The pallets are arranged in two parallel rows so that a defined quantity of air flows through two opposing pallets.

The air is used twice. The volume flow rate of the air is measured to allow a turbulent stream to develop within the pallet batch. This allows an effective transfer of heat, the company claimed in a press release.

The tunnel contains a special flap mechanism which controls the direction of the air. The flap ensures that each pallet storage position cools evenly.

Zander delivers the cooling ready for connection. It includes all assembly sections, such as the conveyor and refrigeration equipment.

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