Industry urged to comment on pointless food regs

By Rory Harrington

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Food and drink processing companies have an opportunity to rid the sector of unnecessary regulations, under a new scheme in the UK.

The Government’s Red Tape Challenge website published Friday a list of all existing regulations on food and drink plus general laws relating to employment, environment, law and health and safety.

Industry players have been given two weeks to give their comments on which rules should be kept, which amended and those pointless regulations (so-called red tape) that should be scrapped.

Regulations on food contact materials, food irradiation, meat controls, food additives and labelling are all under scrutiny as the Government seeks to get rid of pointless laws on food and packaging.

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) welcomed the move.

“We agree that reasonable controls are necessary,”​ said Terry Jones FDF director of communications. “But we’ve reached a point where regulation is stifling our ability to innovate, to maintain competitive advantage at home and abroad and to create the employment flexibility that is critical to a hi-tech and fast-moving manufacturing industry.

He added: “This is a chance for members to tell Government what doesn’t, and equally what does, work. If Whitehall officials can’t provide a good enough reason for a regulation to be in place, it could be scrapped.”

To register your feedback on UK food and drink regulations click HERE

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Food Law

Posted by Confused,

I agree and its a real problem when enforcement officals interpret legislation in diffrent ways.

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Food law

Posted by Bob Salmon,

As 98% food law in UK comes from Brussels, the Government is pretty safe in making this offer. It is the UK guidance that needs looking at. See the 243+ pages issued recently for enforcement officials.

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