Neogen upgrades salmonella test

By Joe Whitworth

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Neogen Reveal 2.0 test
Neogen Reveal 2.0 test
Neogen Corporation has upgraded its rapid lateral flow test for Salmonella Enteritidis targeting faster results for the poultry industry.

Reveal 2.0 provides results in 10 minutes, compared to 15 minutes for the old test, after a 48-hour sample enrichment.

The test follows the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) enrichment procedure which uses modified semi-solid rappaport-vassiliadis agar (MSRV) as the secondary enrichment.

Neogen said using this protocol provides time savings when confirming positive test results, as enriched samples can be plated using the NPIP’s recommended cultural confirmation procedure.

Regulatory conformity

Gerry Broski, Neogen’s marketing director for Food Safety, told that the conformity to a regulatory prescribed method provides increased confidence to the lab analyst that they are using a fit for purpose method.

The current test uses an environmental swab but the protocol for analysing shell eggs is in development and will be launched in early 2013 with expected NPIP approval.

Neogen said based on in-house development and testing they expect significant reductions in the hold time for pooled eggs as shell egg producers are required to follow a different procedure for testing.

Egg contamination concern

Broski said with heightened concern for contaminated eggs, time is of the essence in the test and analysis workflow.

Enriched environmental samples are incubated for 24 hours and then subjected to a secondary enrichment of MSRV and an additional 24 hour incubation.  After the second incubation, the sample is placed on the lateral flow device.  After 10 minutes, the results can be read.”

The Reveal tests can also be used for E.coli and Listeria and Broski added that the platform was robust and had a good reputation on the market.

“In general, lateral flow Immunochromatic assays have a good track record and are used all over the world for a wide variety of tests.  Neogen has Reveal tests available for mycotoxins, allergens, GMO testing, speciation, and pathogen detection.”

Diagnostic testing and trace source

When asked about a recent media article saying diagnostic tests may hinder the ability of public health officials to detect multistate outbreaks due to an inability to trace contamination to its source, Broski said rapid tests help food processors and producers to prevent outbreaks.

Going from a more proactive stance in food safety and testing is something that the consumer has demanded – nobody wants to get sick or hurt from a food outbreak, and the choice would be to track and trace food rather than track and trace outbreaks,” ​he added.

“The goal of those of us dedicated to improving food safety is towards better, faster, and affordable methods of contaminant detection and control.  Now that the US elections are over, we are looking forward to the release of the final guidance documents for the Food Safety Modernization Act. 

“The US government is making a number of changes in response to outbreaks, consumer demand and movement toward risk-based preventative controls, all designed to produce safer food and protect public health.”  

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