Wal-Mart will reject non-compliant PTI labels from January 1, 2014

Demand soars for PTI compliant labels in the Cloud

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PTI compliant labels available in the Cloud.
PTI compliant labels available in the Cloud.
NiceLabel has created a free PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) case label printing application hosted in the cloud.

The labeling software developer initially created a custom desktop application for case and pallet labeling to print PTI compliant labels by entering data, such as GTIN, lot, packing date, type and description, but has now taken a step further with the new app.

Nick Sannes, marketing director, Niceware International, told FoodProductionDaily printing from the cloud is the hot market trend for 2014.

A 'Win-Win'

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From our last Oracle and SAP tradeshows we have seen how leveraging the cloud is a win-win for the vendor and the customer​, ” he said.

NiceLabel is planning on releasing cloud-based label printing​ for various vertical markets from retail to GHS chemical labeling. We have seen a shift in how software is sold​.

It is easier for companies to spread the software cost over time as opposed to a large upfront purchase. For example, Microsoft is now selling a low cost annual subscriptions for MS Office and making more money over time then selling a one time desktop software product. This model is trickling down to many software products now​. ”


Sannes added Wal-Mart recently notified its product suppliers about the upcoming mandatory compliance for PTI and from January 1, 2014, any items arriving without the correct labeling will be rejected.

Our competitors are currently offering desktop or web based tools that rely on a print server but we deploy our PTI app directly to the cloud using Microsoft Silverlight technology allowing anyone with internet access to print case labels to their local/network printers​, ” he said.

Users can print PTI case labels from our cloud for free but if they want to print hybrid pallet labels, connect to a database, or integrate with their ERP then they will have to pay for one of our desktop software products. Niceware is hoping that our free exposure will snowball into desktop software sales​. ”

Demand soars about PTI

Sannes said it has received 'tons of inquiries and questions' about its PTI software and the PTI standard.

He added producers like the free part of the app but they are mostly happy that they don’t have to worry about creating the Voice Pick Code. (A pre-designed PTI label that automatically generates the Voice Pickcodes which permit warehouses to reach near-perfect traceability.)

The PTI standard is still in its infancy stage but demand is increasing and a little push from Walmart can’t hurt​.

We believe 2014 is going to be the year PTI progresses and NiceLabel wants to be a part of the movement even if we are just providing a free solution for producers to become compliant​. ”

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