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PathoGenetix explains GSS technology
PathoGenetix explains GSS technology
PathoGenetix has described the biophysical processes of DNA stretching that allow for high-throughput stretching in Genome Sequence Scanning technology (GSS).

The basis of GSS (see video below) is the ability to stretch single molecules of DNA into a linearized conformation to scan the locations of bound fluorescent probes.

The stretching mechanics and tension distribution in the microfluidic funnel allows for faster reading of site-specific probes applied to the sample DNA, improved retention of well-stretched molecules.

It also allows better comparison of the fluorescent traces to the sequence-derived templates for target bacteria.

PathoGenetix presented at the 58th​ Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society​ in San Francisco this week.

The firm’s Resolution sytem is based on GSS technology enabling pathogen serotype identification and strain typing in five hours.

PathoGenetix signed Sparton Corporation as the design and manufacturing partner for the Resolution Microbial Genotyping System earlier this year.

FDA is leasing the system as part of a three-year agreement to evaluate the bacterial identification technology for use in foodborne illness outbreak investigation and response. 

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