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Luceo launches new generation of ThermoSecure L
Luceo launches new generation of ThermoSecure L
Luceo has launched an updated version of its machine to detect packaging with sealing and labelling integrity defects.

The fourth generation of ThermoSecure L​ was designed with hygienic and ergonomic principles at the core, said the firm.

The machine inspects and tracks all packaging, archives production data and images to prevent rework operations on defective packaging, complaints or product recalls due to integrity problems.

It can be installed at the end of the line after the weighing and metal detection stations or in a white room with an IP66 sealing index when the final inspection must be close to the sealing operation.

Sealing issues

Carole Besnard, marketing manager, said the firm does a lot of its vision inspection work in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

“Issues with MAP packs include seal contamination, no packs must go to the retailers with leaks. The use by date and batch number must be correct and this can be checked by the same machine as we added that function with a camera on top and underneath," ​she told

“Labelling inspection is important to avoid mislabeling which can be very costly when you speak of allergen risk.”

The stainless steel chassis has inclined planes for the drainage of washing water, contains no glass parts, which is in line with the recommendations of the HACCP directive.

Camera height can be automatically changed when there is a different packaging format by a motorized system with no manual settings required.

Hygienic design

Besnard said the hygienic design makes it possible to use in the wet area of the factory and for operators working with direct contact with food.

“We have seen this demand from our customers which is why the surfaces are inclined to let the water drip off and the importance of a stainless steel frame," ​she said.

“The IP66 rating is enough for our customers today. In dry processing areas there is no direct contact with food as it is already packed.”

During the cleaning phases, the conveyor belts can be removed in under a minute without tools, said the firm.

Besnard said that it usually follows a thermoforming machine and operates at 200 packs per minute in most cases.

“The machine can do more but we are focussed on MAP trays, top sealed products and rigid products such as cake or biscuit boxes are possible," ​she said. 

“With the automation of the line, food safety and spoilage concerns you need to be sure for your brand reputation.

“It is the third eye of the production manager as all products go through the machine, the first and last or the image of all the bad products are saved so he can prove the inspection if and when a claim comes from the retailers so it is a traceability tool.”

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