Merck Millipore makes filtration an EZ-Fit

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Merck Millipore launches EZ-Fit Filtration Unit
Merck Millipore launches EZ-Fit Filtration Unit
Merck Millipore has launched the EZ-Fit Filtration Unit for bioburden (microbial limit) testing.

The unit can be used for filtration of liquid samples including water, raw materials, in-process samples and final products.

Bioburden testing determines the number of viable aerobic microorganisms that live on or in end products or raw materials which have not been sterilized.

EZ-Fit Filtration Units are available in 100mL or 250mL funnel sizes and can be individually bagged or packaged in bulk and are stackable to save lab space.

The EZ-Fit Filtration Unit delivers microbial recovery and more reliable results, said the firm.

Funnel shape and the plastic material minimize sample residue so the complete sample volume reaches the membrane surface.

The design reduces risk of leaks and prevents sample from by-passing the membrane to allow filtration of the entire volume.

Simplify lab and reduce false results

Frédéric Amstoutz, product manager bioburden, Merck Millipore said it is updating an existing product to simplify the lab operation and reduce the risks of false results.

“False results can occur and give a bad indication about the control of the product. Retest is needed or the batch can be scrapped,” ​he told  

Merck filtration 2
Merck Millipore EZ-Fit Filtration Unit

“Often, false results are due to lab operations. Because we reduce this, we reduce the risks of bad results and secure the quality control testing.

“The goal is to check that microbial contamination of the end product is controlled, either for total flora or for specific microorganisms (pathogens or affecting the taste or shelf life of the beverage).”

Following sample filtration, the membrane is flat; when transferred, the surface of the membrane is in contact with the culture media.

Liquid media can also be added from the top and once the funnel is removed, the device converts into a Petri dish for faster, more convenient incubation.

Amstoutz said the traditional method for bioburden testing is "membrane filtration".  

“The main steps are sample collection, preparing the working area and equipment (cleaning and decontamination), unpacking the filtration unit, placing it onto a vacuum manifold, filtering, opening the funnel and transferring the membrane to a culture media plate,  then incubating the media plate. “

The EZ-Fit Filtration Unit is pre-sterilized and the lid remains in place during filtration to prevent contamination.

A rim also prevents forceps from accidentally touching the membrane filtration area during transfer.

EZ-Fit Filtration Units can be integrated with the EZ-Fit Manifold, a laboratory filtration system, and are part of the EZ-product family designed for the microbiology workflow in quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) laboratories. 

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