Waters Xevo TQ-XS mass spectrometer

Round-up of ASMS 2016 news

ASMS 2016: Who launched what at the conference?

By Joseph James Whitworth

Industry gathered recently for the American Society of Mass Spectrometry conference (ASMS). We look at who launched what during the event.

Omics approaches in food analysis was another session stream on the final day

dispatches from RAFA 2015, Prague

RAFA: Chromatography is not ‘sexy’ and food contact migration

By Joseph James Whitworth

A call not to forget chromatography when it comes to analysis and work to analyse possible migration of substances in and out of food contact materials were the highlights of the final day of an international event.

RAFA 2015: Day 2 highlights

dispatches from RAFA 2015, Prague

RAFA: Nano, EU projects and US food safety work

By Joseph James Whitworth

Methods to analyse nanoparticles, food safety from the US perspective and insight into a range of EU projects were key topics during the second day of a conference in Prague.

RAFA is organised by the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague and RIKILT Wageningen UR (The Netherlands)

dispatches from RAFA 2015, Prague

RAFA: Solving food fraud, citizen science and Nestlé analytical results

By Joseph James Whitworth

It is not possible to solve food fraud by analytical methods alone, the rise of citizen science and the revelation that Nestlé collects 100 million analytical results per year were some highlights from the first full day of an international symposium.

FQN, as a media partner, will be reporting live from the symposium

RAFA 2015 in Czech Republic November 3–6

FQN heads to RAFA 2015

By Joseph James Whitworth

An international conference covering the latest issues in food safety and quality with the biggest industry names starts this week.

MALDI-TOF is used in a variety of applications including food analysis

MALDI-TOF MS subject of PHE draft standard

By Joseph James Whitworth

Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization – time of flight (MALDI-ToF) mass spectrometry is to be added to Public Health England’s (PHE’s) standard microbiological test methods.

FQN attended the symposium in Stockholm, Sweden

dispatches from AOAC Europe – NMKL – NordVal Symposium

Future challenges in food analysis theme of industry event

By Joseph James Whitworth

The future of microbiology, a call to review current allergen detection methods and method validation were some of the highlights at an industry event.

Anuga FoodTec pulled out all the stops at the show

Dispatches from Anuga FoodTec 2015

Anuga FoodTec 2015 in pictures

By Joseph James Whitworth

FoodQualityNews took to the trade show floor last week in between interviews and videos to take a few snaps.

Anuga FoodTec 2015 was held in Cologne, Germany last week

dispatches from Anuga FoodTec 2015

Anuga FoodTec - the industry reaction

By Joseph James Whitworth

Multivac, Neogen Europe, Vikan, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bruker, Merck Millipore and Ecolab were some of the many exhibitors that welcomed visitors to their stands at Anuga FoodTec 2015 last week.

QTRAP 4500 LC-MS/MS system

AB SCIEX software targets improved food testing results

By Joseph James Whitworth

AB SCIEX has launched the MasterView Food Testing Workflow for QTRAP mass spectrometry systems to give laboratories improved confidence and reliability in results when screening, identifying and quantifying targeted chemical contaminants in food samples.