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27 May. 10am New York, 3pm London, 4pm Paris

Food fraud on FoodQualityNews agenda

Four food fraud experts will tackle the ins and outs of the subject in a one hour discussion tomorrow (Wednesday) hosted by FoodQualityNews.

SGS sets out starting point for food safety plan

The starting point for any food safety plan is knowledge of raw material suppliers and products/ingredients provided, according to SGS.

Lawyer: FSMA is going to hit small snack makers hard

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is going to squeeze smaller snack players who may not have the finances and resources to implement required changes under regulations, warns a lawyer.

Source of multi-national outbreak of Salmonella unclear

Budget cuts at a Finnish agency will delay detection of Salmonella outbreaks among travellers, according to researchers reporting on an incident which has affected almost 200 people.

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Mektiec bakes up x-ray imaging machine for growing company

Mekitec has helped an expanding US-based bakery deal with increased demand.