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Swedish Salmonella outbreak from Polish eggs

At least 12 people have been sickened by Salmonella in Sweden from eggs from Poland.

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Local authority sampling decreased 11% in 2016/17

Local authority sampling decreased more than 11% year on year with some councils not doing any in 2016/17, according to statistics on UK food law enforcement.

NAFTA talks a chance to create joint risk assessment body

With NAFTA renegotiation talks ongoing it is a critical time for a conversation on protecting and improving the supply chain, according to two think tanks.

German survey identifies mercury and dioxin as most well-known contaminants

Mercury and dioxin are the most recognised contaminants while pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA) are almost unknown to the German public, according to a study.

Salmonella investigation uncovers cooking method risk

An investigation into a Salmonella outbreak in Canada has suggested the cooking method for chicken shawarma may represent a risk.

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GMB: CETA trade deal sets bad precedent post-Brexit

A British trade union has attacked the CETA trade deal between Canada and Europe which comes into force later this week (21 September) adding it sets a bad precedent post-Brexit.

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