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Romer Labs Listeria test receives AOAC extension

A Listeria test system from Romer Labs has received extended certification to monitor food samples with a 27-48 hour enrichment.

EU food safety challenges revealed

Nanotechnology, globalisation, foodborne illness and endocrine disruptors are some of the food safety challenges named in a report.

SLIPS technology commercialised and BASF partnership formed

A novel coating technology that repels liquids and solids will be commercialised after the creation of start-up, SLIPS Technologies (STI), and BASF has already invested in the company.

PerkinElmer expands presence in food testing

PerkinElmer has acquired Perten Instruments for $266m to ‘significantly expand’ its presence in the food testing.

News in brief

Labs wanted for food microbiology testing programme

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is calling for participates to a proficiency testing programme on food microbiology.


‘We have fragile consumers with specific needs’, says Danone Nutricia

Danone Nutricia: The more we know the more we have to solve

Industry development meaning potential food safety hazards are detected more than ever before is leading to a...

Merck Millipore explains ISO 11133:2014
Guest article

Navigating the EN ISO 11133:2014 standard – Merck Millipore

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced the revised EN ISO 11133:2014 in March this year.

Campden BRI on microorganism trends
Dispatches from Lab Innovations 2014

Campden BRI sets out ‘good, bad and ugly’ in microbiology

Novel processing and reformulation can cause potential problems in terms of microbiological risk, according to Campden BRI.

Contaminated mung bean sprouts linked to two deaths

Two dead from Listeria in mung bean sprouts

Mung bean sprouts contaminated with Listeria have been linked to the death of two people and illness...

InstantLabs seafood identification food fraud DNA

InstantLabs fights food fraud with seafood ID tests

InstantLabs has launched the first of a series of DNA tests for seafood, to combat the increasing...