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LC-MS/MS method supports authenticity, safety and meat quality

SCIEX has said a meat species authentication method developed using its QTRAP 6500 LC-MS/MS system allows greater sensitivity and a lower limit of detection.


Cross contamination role in Listeria outbreak from cheese

Cross contamination of cut and repackaged cheeses formed part of a Listeria outbreak that sickened 22 people and was linked to four deaths, according to a study.

Food Safety recall round-up 24-30 July

Recalls: Alcohol in tea, glass breakage and spoilage concerns

A recall round-up for the final time in July takes us to England, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and France.

Increasing hand hygiene call in food industry, says Aquaint

The UK food industry is under increasing pressure to maintain and increase hand hygiene among employees, according to Aquaint.

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FDA proposed rule for FSMA to support importers

The FDA has published a proposed rule on user fees for participation in another program that is near final rule stage.

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Romer Labs’ kits evaluated to test pathogens and mycotoxins in cannabis

DigiPath Labs is to investigate Romer Labs' rapid diagnostic test kits to screen for foodborne pathogens and quantify mycotoxins in cannabis.

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