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FSA notified of two breaches of BSE testing regulations


Picture courtesy of the FSA

Picture courtesy of the FSA

The UK Food Standards Authority (FSA) has been notified of three cattle aged over 72 months entering the food chain without being tested for BSE.

The agency stressed that the risk to human health was “very low” as it was “very unlikely” that any of the cattle would have been infected.

Two cattle over 72 months of age were slaughtered in Bridport and were not tested for BSE in August. One animal was 332 days over the 72 month age limit; the other by 1,383 days.

The error was discovered on 22 October during routine cross-checks of slaughter and BSE data.

In a separate incident a bovine that was 89 months and 27 days of age was slaughtered in Nantwich and was not tested before leaving the premises. The error was discovered during routine data checks on 25 May.

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