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Smart Software for Efficient Manufacturing forum

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Smart Software for Efficient Manufacturing forum

Smart Software for Efficient Manufacturing looks at the advantages that software can bring manufacturers to optimize food and beverage production. Discover how it can help you win listings and build profitable brands in an uncertain global economic environment, by maximising cost efficiency and ensuring high line availability.

We set out to demystify MES, explaining the overlap with MOM and ERP and essential technologies supplied by countless vendors active in these markets. We show how you can harness real-time data to improve manufacturing efficiency, drive down cost and boost profit. How flexible, scalable and upgradable are modern systems, and how seamlessly can you integrate the shop floor with the top (or executive) floor?


  • Joe Whitworth

    Joe Whitworth


  • Michael Yost

    Michael Yost


    MESA International

  • Rik Geerts

    Rik Geerts

    Enterprise Solution Architect Plant Systems & Corporate MOM COE Lead


  • Sree Harsha

    Sree Harsha

    Program Manager - MES Implementation

    TATA Consultancy Services

  • Stephanie Mikelbrencis

    Stephanie Mikelbrencis

    Business Unit Manager

    Brock Solutions