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Flow-wrapper targets self service bakery

Spanish firm Ulma Packaging has increased its foothold in the bakery sector with the launch of new flow-wrapping equipment.

Valves designed for PET moulding operations

A new series of pneumatic valves solves many of the problems unique to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) stretch-blow molding operations, according to the manufacturer.

Elastomer provides increased shelf life, claims manufacturer

A new thermoplastic elastomer could increase shelf life significantly, claims its manufacturer.

Diluter improves test accuracy and traceability

A new programmable gravimetric diluter can reduce food lab technicians'workload while improving accuracy and traceability, its manufacturer claims.

Dairy research barely alive in the UK, warn scientists

Dairy research and development in the UK has been systematically destroyed, warn two senior ex-officials, seriously damaging the potential for the country's industry to compete against foreign players.

Phage product found effective against Listeria

A dose of bacteriophages can help ready-to-eat meat producing companies meet food safetystandards for Listeria, according to a university study.

Sonic wave processor to target brewing

The creators of novel, sonic wave processing technology for the food industry will look to build on a successful year by focusing on new developments in the brewing sector.

Yeast storage system cuts waste

Ingredients firm Lesaffre has created a new refrigerated liquid yeast preservation and distribution system for more efficient and simpler baking.

World Food Day

What the food industry can do

In a world of famine, the food industry has a lot to give.

X-ray system detects tiny contaminants

An X-ray inspection system introduced into Europe this month, can detect foreign bodies in packed and unpacked fresh foods.

Fonterra develops new milk powder quality test

Fonterra researchers have developed a flow cytometry test that can be used to assess the quality of milk powder.

Bagmaker combines fast production speeds

A new bagmaker combines fast production speeds with a range of configurations, providing userswith a versatile form, fill and seal machine, its manufacturer claims.

Researchers develop cheaper food safety techniques

Two food safety technologies for detecting and killing pathogens can cut costs for produce, fruitand vegetable processors, say researchers.

DNA technique developed for meat traceability

A DNA technique developed by researchers for use with meats could be used by processors as a certification method for their supplies.

Isolator barrier uses air blast to protect aseptic filling

A new isolator that uses air circulation as a barrier to protect the aseptic filling of milk andother drinks allows non-stop production for up to three days, its manufacturer claims.

Lube additives designed for incidental food contact

New additives for lubricants are designed for incidental food contact, and can be used for designing a wide variety of oils used by the sector, its manufacturer claims.

Pomegranate test determines concentration

With pomegranate rapidly assuming the status of the new super fruit, a food laboratory hasreleased a testing system for determining its concentration in products.

Crust freezer handles delicate foods

A new crust freezer on the market has been designed to hand delicate foodstuffs such as fish,other seafood and items such a mushrooms.

Multi-scan RFID uses reflectors to reduce errors

A new system for scanning multiple radio frequency identification (RFID) tags reduces the high error rate found in current systems, its manufacturer claims.

Filling machine combines accuracy with speed

A new filling machine for carbonated beverages combines accuracy with speed and a potential tosave on energy, according to its manufacturer.

Regulators, scientists form food safety networks

Over the last month, regulators, doctors and scientists have formed communications networks toget a better fix on the problems affecting food safety across the bloc.

Agitator adds delicate touch to the mix

By fitting an agitator to its range of volumetric depositors, food processors can now mixdelicate products without having to buy a new machine, says UK-based Turbo Systems.

New yoghurt process extends shelf-life

A new manufacturing process has the potential to extend the shelf life of yoghurts with live and active cultures.

Flat label records time, temperature

A new flat label can record time and temperature data on food products for up to eight weeks,providing a record in case safety has been compromised by improper storage.

Rosemary packaging extends meat shelf life

Spanish researchers have found a way to keep meat looking pink and fresh on the shelf, withoutthe use of carbon monoxide.

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