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Pectin gels offer low-fat mayo possibilities

Pectin gels improved the caloric profile of mayonnaise without changing the texture, says research that may offer interesting possibilities for mayonnaise formulators.

Oil filter reduces frying changeovers

A new cooking oil filter continuously removes sediment to ensure high quality frying while reducing changeovers, its manufacturer claims.

Extended tests help food labs assess performance

Lab M has extended its food lab proficiency testing scheme by adding Lactic acid bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes and osmophilic yeasts to its kits.

UK food retailers 'committed to removing trans fats'

A voluntary commitment by British Retail Consortium (BRC) members to eliminate industrially added trans-fats represents a major change of gear in the battle to make processed food products healthier.

Tamper-evident tub targets ice cream market

A new ice cream tub on the market comes with a security tamper-evidence feature that allowsworkers to detect when it has been opened before use.

Low fat peanut flour promises better texture

Low fat varieties of peanut flour - a common ingredient in many baked goods - can improve food texture and efficiency during the baking process.

High pressure processing kills norovirus say researchers

High pressure processing could help inactivate human norovirus strains in raw foods like shelf fish, according to new research published in the January 2007 issue of the journal Applied and...

Organic will lead the food revolution, says Melchett

The days of industrial farming and food production are coming to an end as we turn to fresh, healthy and environmentally sustainable products, the head of the UK Soil Association...

Campylobacter screener speeds-up test results

A campylobacter testing system, aimed at the poultry industry, can reduce result times from days to hours compared to traditional methods, the manufacturer claims.

Onion extract improves flavour, shelf life of sliced meat

Onion extract, rich in the natural antioxidant quercetin, may not only improve the shelf life of a processed meat product but also enhances the flavour, Irish researchers report.

Fryer designed to handle trans fat free oils

A new poultry fryer designed to handle more volatile and unstable oils meets a demand frompoultry processors who are switching from using trans fats.

Project seeks processors for nanotech product development

A UK-based consultant is looking for processors to join a collaborative research project aimed at exploring the benefits that nanotechnology can bring to the food and drink industries.

Swab test reduces pathogen detection time, claims manufacturer

A new test for perishable foods such as salads can detect pathogens within minutes, its manufacturer claims.

Scientists identify genes for perfect coffee beans

Scientists from Brazil and France have moved a step closer to creating the perfect cup of coffee after identifying key genes that can affect flavour in the beans.

Gas controller provides fine touch to atmosphere control

A new gas flow controller can help processors save on costs by accurately adjusting oxygen levels in packaging or at produce storage facilities, its manufacturer claims.

Traffic light risk rating for food suppliers

Suppliers of private label food and drink to multiple retailers may be given 'traffic light' ratings to show their attention to food safety and risk management, under a new project,...

Eugene Science aims to take phytosterols to fattier foods

Korean biotech Eugene Science is building up its patent store for a plant sterol manufacturing process using nano molecules and particles that it says is especially useful for fat-soluble formulations.

Wild labs cleared for independent testing

Labs owned by German flavours firm Wild have been certified to perform independent testing, offering its customers in the food and drink industry an easier way to analyse new product...

Fresh bread tester launched

A new machine allows manufacturers to test the freshness of packaged and unpackaged bread without risking damage.

Pre-wash system improves bottle cleaning

A pre-wash system significantly improves the cleaning performance of bottle washers, its manufacturer claims.

DNA pathogen test will produce results within hours

A DNA-based pathogen detection system, that will provide test results within hours, is being developed through funding from Tate & Lyle.

Preservation system bears fruit for processors

Agrofresh have unveiled improved sales results and new research to back-up the success of its SmartFresh fruit and vegetable preservations system.

Developer targets injectable RFID ink at meat market

A biocompatible radio-frequency identification (RFID) ink would allowprocessors to track individual cuts of meat or vegetables, allowing them to make speedy recalls during food contamination outbreaks.

German project to create meat analysis RFID

Researchers in Germany are developing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that will measure and transmit the quality and condition of meat as well as enable processors to identify products throughout...

Antimicrobial paper extends shelf life, claims manufacturer

MicrobeGuard today announced the launch of a lining paper liner that will feature AgION antimicrobial technology.

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