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Modular spray controller designed to be portable

A modular spray controller is designed as a portable, self-contained unit for regulating food coating processes.

Synthetic greases meet food contact standards

A line of synthetic lubricating greases can be used on equipment where possible contact with food products may occur, its manufacturer claims.

BASF further expands GM cereal capabilities

BASF Plant Science has announced the expansion of a joint research and development programme designed to achieve genetically optimised wheat.

Portable unit decontaminates area using UVC rays

A portable decontamination machine can rid plant areas of mold, viruses and bacteria using deadly UVC waves, while ensuring worker safety, according to its manufacturer.

Custard goes functional with bioactive ingredients

Custard could soon be going functional with soy isoflavones or antioxidants from olive oil, as research from the Netherlands shows that the popular dessert can easily be enhanced and release...

Kit speeds up yeasts, moulds testing

A new method for determining the amount of yeasts and moulds in food samples gets the job done within two days, speeding up the time products can be released on...

Chilled, cut fruit keep nutrients as well as fresh

Minimal processing of fruit - cutting, packaging and chilling - does not affect the nutritional content even after nine days, says an international study that could promote healthy eating on...

Choose optimal thickening agent to boost flavour, lower salt

Sensory perception of flavours could be boosted, and salt levels lowered, by choosing the optimal starch thickener, say scientists, a result that could have big implications for the food industry.

Brewer uses nanotech coating on heat interchanger

Nanotechnology, the science of the very small, has been employed as a microscopic coating on a heat interchanger used by a Corona brewing plant in Mexico.

Conveyor design cuts cleaning costs, claims manufactuer

A seam free conveyor belt reduces the places where food can stick to while being processed, helping cut the costs and labour needed for cleaning and sanitation, claims its manufacturer.

Software automates food contaminant detection

An automated software system allows processors to detect food contaminants in their products, according to its developers.

Quest develops deep freeze flavour technology

Quest has developed a unique freezing technology that it claims captures the essence of true-to-fruit flavours.

Regulation, traceability drive demand for safety products

Regulation and the demand for better traceability throughout the supply chain is driving the search for better, more efficient food safety products in the US, according to a forecast report.

Packaging coating keeps bugs away

A water-based coating for cartons could help keep insects such as German cockroaches and Indian meal moths out of the food chain.

Software designed to cut losses in manual weighing operations

Software for manual weighing operations uses a wireless network to achieve the right balance for the fresh food sector.

Barrier treatment machine handles 40,000 bottles an hour

A machine for applying barrier treatment to PET containers can handle up to 40,000 bottles per hour, making it the fastest of its kind in the world, its manufacturer claims.

Pilot machine produced for rapid shake sterilisation process

Satori Stocktec has became one of the first companies to produce a pilot machine companies can use to trial a new process for the fast sterilisation of canned foods.

Ultrasonic sensors take the measure of fluids, liquids

New ultrasonic sensors provide a means for cosmetics processors to gauge the amount of fluids or solids in containers.

Single test can spot up to 600 viruses in hours

A single test for about 600 deadly viruses speeds up the process of spotting a food-related disease outbreak -- such as bird flu -- in hours rather than days.

Biosensor uses nanotechnology to spot the right smell

An electronic biosensor using nanotechnology techniques could help companies to develop the right smells for their foods, or to sniff out rotting ingredients in the receiving area.

Online tool calculates gas mix for food packaging

An online tool is designed to help food processors select the best gas for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Prototype analyser detects meat pathogens within minutes

A hand-held analyser for detecting pathogens along the complete meat supply chain within minutes is being prepared for commercial application.

Biacore targets China with food analysis kits

The Swedish supplier of food testing equipment, Biacore International, is taking over from its sales agent in China and launching a full business operation in the market.

Weighers target demand for increased speed and hygiene

New weighers released for the European market indicate machine manufacturers are attempting to meet processors' demands for increased speed and hygiene on the line.

Packaging format designed for ambient wet soup market

A new packaging format for ambient wet soups allows processors to offer consumers convenience in a cup.

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