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Tetra Pak unveils new juice processing technology

A new rapid pasteurisation technology developed by Tetra Pak claims it can slash production costs and time by combining pasteurisation and mixing, as well as retain more nutrients in the...

New method simultaneously detects toxins in food

A new method for the rapid simultaneous detection of staphylococcal and botulinum toxins in food could help processors improve the speed at which they remove potentially harmful products beforethey leave...

Chr Hansen, Tetra Pak project removes obstacles to probiotic beverages

Probiotics supplier Chr. Hansen has developed a new, flexible formulation system for adding probiotics directly to finished products.

Preservation methods to cut bacteria gossip

Cutting the chat between bacteria could lead to new food preservation methods, say Danish scientists at a meeting today.

Frenzel packing line built for microwaved foods

A new packaging line at German frozen food manufacturer Frenzel will allow the company to produce a new range of trays that allow meals to be steamed cooked in the...

Monitor measures surface levels under pressure

A new microwave level transmitter can monitor liquid levels in situations where measurements are difficult due to vapors, dust, or pressure.

NutriCognia lactoferrin kit ups quality control

Freshly-formed Solbar subsidiary NutriCognia targets quality control for the dairy industry, launching a rapid lactoferrin glyco-analysis kit that claims to control production process and product development.

Machine pummels crisp bags

A new machine pummels bags made for potato crisps to determine whether they stand up the the pressures of packing machines, transport and time.

Lab developing food authentication test methods

A UK-funded testing lab is developing a variety of gene-based, chemical and biological tests to determine food authenticity, a means for plants to determine whether they received the right ingredients.

Vitamin A-rich mustard for developing nations

A mustard variety rich in beta-carotene is being developed in India to enhance the vitamin A status of populations in developing countries.

Yeast, lactic acid, fermented bran mixture improves cereal flavours

Optimising the sourdough process by fermenting bran with yeast and lactic acid bacteria can produce mildly sour wheat bread with improved flavour, texture and nutritional value, say food researchers in...

Scientists analyse nutrition in beer

Opportunities await for Europe's beer industry to tap into growing consumer health trends as Belgian brewing scientists offer newly developed testing to assess the nutritional quality of beers.

Qmach muscles in on growing need for regulatory compliance

Changes in EU legislation is forcing companies to look at better ways of managing their compliance, quality and food safety activities to avoid the need to comply with unnecessary and...

Submersible carton developed for hydrocooling

A company says it has developed a submersible carton that allows fruit and vegetables to remain fresher for a longer period.

Leak tester allows package contents to be reclaimed

A flexible, repeatable leak test system allows the contents of damaged packaging to be reused and for the return of seal-tight products to the processing line.

UK food lab investigates volatile flavour perception

UK food laboratory extends its sensory analysis capacity to take on new business.

Smart camera detects the misshapen, the off-colour

A new imaging camera helps food processors detect when they are serving up misshapen or off-colour products, before they are shipped off to the customer.

Tocotrienols inhibit build-up of plaques, shows lab study

Tocotrienols appear to be better than the more common vitamin E form alpha-tocopherol at stopping an initial stage of atherosclerosis, a condition responsible for more than half the deaths in...

Danisco invests in diagnostic tools to fight food contamination

Investing in faster tools to fight the risk of food contamination, the venture capital arm of leading ingredients firm Danisco will pour more funds into German technology company Profos.

New science unlocks secrets of salmonella success

Omnipresent food pathogen Salmonella can evolve at a surprisingly rapid rate "by jettisoning superfluous DNA", report UK scientists.

Soup rockets to space on new formulation

A soup that is edible under weightless conditions marks the latest food science formulation to head into space.

Companies team up on DNA detector

In a bid to meet the growing demand for food safety testing products Applied Biosystems has teamed up with DuPont Qualicon to develop a new DNA detection system.

Molecular tracer tags rigid, flexible packaging

US company Ampacet has developed molecular tracers that allow manufacturers to monitor flexible and rigid cosmetics plastic packaging - at any stage in the supply chain - to help resolve...

PET bottle hot-fills without ribbing

A new type of plastic bottling technology allows companies to package hot-fill products in containers with smooth rather than ribbed or panelled walls.

Cross breeding could boost chickpea crops

Indian scientists have developed a way of cross breeding chickpeas, a feat that to date has been extremely difficult to undertake. The programme is aiming to develop chickpeas that are...

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