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Poultry immunity test serves as early warning system

A new immune system test could help poultry producers improve the resistance of their flocks to disease.

Tester uses extrusion method to measure viscosity

An extrusion-style tester provides an economical alternative when measuring the dynamic viscosity of foods, its manufacturer claims.

Slicer cuts portion sizes into motif shapes

A new slicer can stack, offset stack, fan, shave and portion foods while allowing manufacturers to select a range of special shapes as a means of marketing their products.

Foss upgrades milk scanner for more accuracy

The launch of a new milk scanner by analytical specialists Foss has already bagged the group some major deals with its claim to be a fifth more accurate than its...

Carbon infrared sterilisers designed for bakery equipment

A new series of carbon infrared emitters can help bakeries speed up the sterilisation of tins, trays and equipment, according to the manufacturer.

Multi-wave milk scanner improves product analysis

A novel scanner, which uses a mixture of ultraviolet and infrared rays to probe the content of milk, will help dairy firms and scientists to more accurately analyse products and...

New program could lead to better quality peanuts

Scientists at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) are working on producing high quality disease-resistant peanuts that also contain high levels of heart-healthy oleic acid.

Listeria test speeds up detection process, company claims

A new Listeria assay allows processors to simultaneous detect and differentiate between two species in a single test for food products.

Danisco targets leaner meat production

The global trend towards leaner meat has increased the pressure on pig and poultry producers, according to Danisco Animal Nutrition.

Carton allows sterilisation of chunky products after packaging

COLOGNE, Germany: A new carton for chunky products allows foods to be sterilised in an autoclave, thus extending shelf life.

Scientists explore pathogen killing methods without heat

Scientists are studying the effectiveness of new methods -- such as ozone and electrolyzed oxidizing water -- to kill pathogens in the plant without using thermal processes.

Salmonella kit delivers results in under a day, company claims

A new testing kit for Salmonella promises to deliver results in less than a day.

Codex launches food additive info service

Codex has launched a searchable web-based version of its standard General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA) to inform food firms about the latest developments.

Grape DNA study promises better quality wine

An Italian team of scientists has succeeded in deciphering the entire DNA sequence of the grapevine genome after six years of intensive research.

All-natural rhubarb flavour targets health market

A UK firm has developed an authentic natural rhubarb flavour in order to tap growing demand for the latest fashionable health ingredient.

China to monitor bird flu with RFID

An RFID tracking system designed to slow the spread of avian flu will be tested this month by China's poultry industry, currently facing flagging demand and low prices following several...

DNA breakthrough promises crispier and tastier apples

Crucial new genetic data on apples could help revolutionise the produce industry by unlocking the secrets of taste, health and colour.

Packaging trays created out of metal-detectable plastic

A range of trays and depanning suction cups are the latest products to be made out of metal-detectable plastic produced for the food industry by a UK company.

Shrink label film provides high clarity barrier

A new shrink-label film provides a high-clarity barrier for displaying food products.

Filtration system designed for oily wastes

A new membrane filtration system is especially useful for the treatment of oily wastes before they leave the plant, according to its manufacturer.

Specially formulated salt substitute cuts hypertension - study

A low-sodium, high-potassium salt substitute formulated to be flavourful and effective has significantly reduced blood pressure among high-risk subjects, scientists reported yesterday.

EU-funded sensor network goes a step beyond RFID

An EU-funded project is going a step beyond existing radio frequency identification (RFID) systems by developing a sensor network that will allow items to communicate more information about their surroundings.

New flour ingredients could solve processing limitations

National Starch Food Innovation has introduced a range of natural, grain-based ingredients, which it claims maintain the positive attributes of traditional flours while expanding and improving the ways they can...

Dual-lane system inspects two streams of food products

A dual lane x-ray system allows two streams of different food products to be inspected simultaneously on one machine.

Film designed for mixing, batching production

A water soluble film has been designed to meet the demand for the packaging of dry ingredients used in mixing and batching operations within the food processing industry.

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