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EBI Food Safety sets up China office

Dutch company EBI Food Safety has opened a representative office in Beijing to meet demand in Asia for its natural anti-bacterial products.

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Pasteurisation guide provides practical advice on standards

An updated guide on pasteurisation aims to help processors set manufacturing standards that allow for the consistent production of safe foods.

Scientists speed up pathogen detection system

A new technique developed by scientists improves on mass spectrometry detection methods to speed up the identification of foodborne pathogens.

Food-standard pressure transmitter launched with 10-year warranty

A new range of pressure transmitters with food standard clean-in-place (CIP) capability has been launched with the longest warranty in the industry, its manufacturer claims.

Healthy trans fat oil developed?

University of Arkansas researchers have developed a trans fat oil that they claim could have health benefits.

Low-phytate dough promises better nutrition

US scientists have been examining newly-developed varieties of low-phytate, high-phosphorus wheat in order to assess its impact on baking quality, nutritional content and suitability for industrial bread production.

Trans Fat Focus

New Tate & Lyle ingredient system targets trans free desserts

British ingredients firm Tate & Lyle has introduced a new method to eliminate trans fats in desserts, a move that comes in response to the renewed trans fat momentum in...

Cold water cools Salmonella rate in eggs

Using cold water instead of warm during a second wash of eggs can help cooling, which reduces the risk of pathogen growth both inside and outside the shell, according to...

Irradiation kills pathogens not taste, according to study

Irradiation technology effectively kills foodborne pathogens such as Listeria without conclusively worsening taste or smell, according to a new study.

Researchers study electrolyzed water as pathogen killer

Electrolyzed water can be used to destroy pathogens like E. coli in foods such as vegetables,according to new research into the process.

Software ties product location to temperature and humidity data

Updated software from Sybase allows managers to locate individual products in real time usingradio frequency identification (RFID) technology and tie that information to temperature and humidity conditions.

Bilwinco software uses RFID to track and trace

An upgraded software programme using radio frequency identification (RFID) to track and trace products, will improve food safety management information, its manufacturer claims.

EU funds projects to improve food safety

EU-funded projects devoted to improving food safety and quality are among those showcased by the European Commission yesterday at a conference in Brussels.

Rapid molecular tests being developed to speed up process

Gen-Probe and 3M have teamed up to develop rapid molecular tests food processors can use to ensure the safety of their products, the two companies announced this month.

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Trans Fats: A Farewell to Harm

There's no way but out for heart-damaging trans fatty acids, and procrastinators in the food industry will achieve nothing by delaying reformulation other than lagging behind in the game as...

Sanitary curved conveyor designed for small products

A new series of sanitary curved flat belt conveyors is designed to transfer small food productsas small as a penny, its manufacturer claims.

EU sets up food contact materials reference lab

The EU yesterday opened a commmunity reference lab for food packaging, part the bloc's plan to ensure the chemicals used in their manufacture do not affect human health.

New baking method increases volume and shelf-life

Ingredients firm CP Kelco has invented a new method of bread-making which promises longer shelf-life, improved texture and greater bread volume.

Nano sensor slashes pathogen detection time, inventors claim

A handheld sensor under development uses nanoparticles to detect foodborne bacteria in 15 minutes, its inventors claim.

Weekly Comment

Taking the junk out of junk food

The relationship between child and crisp has long been a sacred one but instead of exploiting this dynamic to shovel unhealthy food into young mouths isn't it about time healthier...

Irradiated foods highlighted during week of protest

A new report into irradiation finds conflicting and inconsistent regulatory approaches to the use of the technology worldwide, a problem for multinational processors who are using the technique as a...

Bag-in-box can cure beer keg hangovers

The problems associated with transporting and storing beer may be solved with the launch of direct replacement to the traditional stainless steel keg, itsmanufacturers claim.

Danone's beautiful designs for functional yoghurts

Danone is planning to introduce a new line of cosmetic yoghurts next year, according to press reports, as it seeks the next level of differentiation in the increasingly competitive functional...

Nanotechnology risks need more study, German survey finds

Clear definitions, terms and standards as well as far more research into the potential problems of nanotechnology is needed before the science is used to a greater degree in products,...

Redesigned standardiser improves milk production, companies claim

A redesigned automatic milk standardiser allows processors to continually monitor fatcontent and eliminates the need for skilled technical support, the manufacturers claim.

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