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EU organisations meet to discuss food safety

The EU's industry representatives, consumers, regulators and scientists begin a two-day meeting today to discuss issues in food safety.

Copper better than stainless steel for food safety, scientists say

That copper cooking kettle may provide better protection against foodborne bacteria than a stainless steel one, according to scientists.

Wash additive boosts shelf life, reduces pathogens

A wash additive increases the shelf life of fresh-cut apples and reduces pathogen levels, scientists say.

Scientists look to fish gelatin as emulsion stabilisers

Food scientists are continuing to explore the potential of fish gelatin as stabilisers for food emulsions, in keeping with the trend to replace synthetic with natural emulsifiers.

Sausage emulsifer ups the tempo

A new sausage emulsifer on the market can process ten tonnes of meat an hour, its manufacturer claims.

Cranberry reduces pathogens in minced beef say researchers

Adding cranberry concentrate to raw minced beef significantly reduces the growth of common food-borne pathogens, according to new research.

Citric acid, glycine could cut acrylamide

Addition of citric acid and glycine could reduce the formation of acrylamide, but not affect flavour, suggests a model study from the UK.

Oxygen, CO2 mix reduces spoilage

A mix of 60 per cent oxygen and 40 per cent carbon dioxide can efficiently reduce the microbial spoilage of refrigerated beef, researchers say.

Laser sorter raises the speed barrier

A new laser sorter has been designed to match the speeds of high volume processing lines.

Studies look at lengthening shelf life of fresh cut produce

A combination of specific packaging films, cleaning chemicals and modified atmospheres can lengthen the shelf life of fruit and vegetable varieties, according to studies by the US Department of Agriculture...

Entry-level X-ray inspection system targets food sector

An entry level X-ray inspection system offers processors a cost-effective way of meeting the EU's food safety requirements, its UK-based manufacturer claims.

Scientists research nanotechnology use for chilled, frozen sectors

Scientists at the University of Kent in the UK have received€800,000 to study ways nanotechnology can improve the safety and quality ofchilled and frozen foods.

Sterilisation method sucks life out of bugs

Scientists have developed a new sterilisation method for fruit and vegetables that literally sucks the life out of bugs.

Acrylamide issue tackled at IFT

Acrylamide can be reduced or removed before cooking - but the issue remains a major challenge, scientists told last week's IFT conference.

New techniques could help combat chocolate bloom

New imaging techniques are being developed that could be used to monitor the onset of the common and costly problem of chocolate bloom - and confectionery manufacturers are being invited...

Snack research could cut salt and costs

Findings from a new study could mean that soon manufacturers will be able to cut salt without compromising flavour.

Cooling tunnel chills each product separately

A manufacturer based in Germany has developed a tunnel for chilling a variety of products that need different times to cool down.

Gristle removal gets the 'gentle' treatment

An updated model of a gristle removal machine, uses new technology that results in a more gentle treatment of the meat, and a high quality of product, its manufacturer claims.

Infrared sterilisation provides controlled heat

New carbon infrared emitters released for the European market provide another means of sterilise products through controlled heating.

Infrared sterilisation provides controlled heat, company claims

New carbon infrared emitters released for the European market provide another means of sterilise products through controlled heating.

MAP packaging machine runs cheaper, manufacturer claims

A new packaging system provides an extended shelf life for fresh food products without using the more expensive thermoforming process, its Swiss-based manufacturer claims.

Pressure tester gauges quality of packaging material

A new pressure tester compensates for temperature and also predicts shelf life, helping food and beverage packagers to ensure the quality of their products.

Potato slice blancher improves efficiency, company claims

An injection blancher improves processing efficiency in the production of fried potatoes, its manufacturer claims.

Aluminium found effective for treating natural waters

The use of aluminium oxide is an effective and safe method for the removal of fluoride from natural mineral waters, an EU scientific body has concluded.

Coors UK launches below freezing beer

A new lager served at below freezing temperature, developed by beer firm Coors, looks to target an emerging trend for colder beer on the troublesome UK beer market.

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