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Almost 75% believe German food is safe – BfR survey

Almost three quarters of survey respondents believe that food in Germany is safe but more than half are concerned about pesticide residue and microplastics in food and genetically modified foods,...

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Food safety project included in grant funding

Food safety research has been included in the second round of seed grant funding by the Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab (J-WAFS).

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Rich Family Foundation donates $250,000 to food safety lab

Rich Family Foundation has donated $250,000 to a food research lab at Cornell University.

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Food safety focus for New Zealand research centre

The New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre has been officially launched.

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Breakthrough enables scientists to see ‘nanoscale’ mixing processes in liquids

Scienion and the University of California San Diego have developed a tool that allows scientists to see, at the scale of five billionths of a meter, 'nanoscale' mixing processes in...

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NTU and Wageningen partner on food science and technology

Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) and Wageningen University have partnered on a PhD program on food science and technology.

Imaging technique evaluated for food authenticity testing

Spectral imaging shows potential as a non-destructive analytical approach for use in food authenticity testing, according to a study.

Italy investigates ongoing Listeria outbreak

An investigation is ongoing in Italy into Listeria illnesses with a suggested link to pork.

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Adam Equipment targets Asian lab balance market

Adam Equipment has targeted exhibitions in Asia to meet existing distributors and understand the markets better.

Recommendations after 2015 Salmonella outbreak from pork

The largest Salmonella outbreak in Washington in recent history highlighted the need for prevention strategies and food handling education, according to researchers.

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USDA reveals grant for food safety projects

Almost $5m in grants has been made available by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for food safety education, training, and technical assistance projects.

Outbreak investigation shows importance of effective surveillance system

Delays in a Salmonella outbreak investigation which sickened more than 200 people in Italy could have affected the identification of a food vehicle, according to researchers.

3D Food Printing Conference 2016

KU Leuven develops prototype 3D printer using pectin gel for candy

KU Leuven University, in Belgium, has developed a prototype 3D printer using pectin gel for candy and will investigate other recipes to make further use of the product.

Danish researchers develop new method to test arsenic in food

A new analytical method to determine the content of inorganic arsenic in foods can help industry make food safer and meet European monitoring targets, say the Danish researchers who developed it....

3D Food Printing Conference 2016

Cellulose can be used as an edible ingredient for 3D printing

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has partnered with the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN UK) to promote Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the food industry.

3D Food Printing Conference 2016

Printing food textures is a ‘crucial next step’ to advance 3D printing

Printing food textures is a crucial step to take to bring 3D food printing to the next level - its not just about shape and design, says Kjeld van Bommel,...

3D Food Printing Conference 2016

Wageningen University & FrieslandCampina researching 3D printing of milk protein structures

3D food printing gives academics an opportunity to explore the functionality of ingredients and how we can delay the process to get a solid structure and build challenging shapes, according...

‘Uncertainty’ for Chinese agri-food exporters due to rejection risk

The risk of rejection at European borders on safety grounds provides an ‘element of uncertainty’ that affects Chinese agri-food exporters, according to an analysis.

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PURE to start poultry processing trial for antimicrobial

PURE Bioscience has received a permission letter from the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) granting approval for an in-plant poultry processing trial of SDC-based PURE Control antimicrobial.

Cross contamination at fault for Salmonella positive chocolate

Cross contamination was the most likely reason for a false-positive result for Salmonella in chocolate bars, according to a study.

EFSA identifies priority areas in food safety

An EFSA-commissioned study has identified 28 topics around food safety to boost harmonisation of research in Europe.

US invests in nanotechnology for food safety

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced plans to pump millions into researching ways nanotechnology can be used to improve food safety.

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Bandesur and AIMPLAS to develop microwave resistant foamed packages

AIMPLAS, Plastics Technology Centre and Spanish company Bandesur have joined forces to develop a polypropylene (PP) tray resistant to microwave heating and a biodegradable and compostable foamed polylactic acid or...

Research round-up: Food-grade coatings and TDLAS

We often don’t take into account the work behind something or take it for granted when it is there and it works. Why does it work and how – there...

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FDA makes funding available to help with produce safety rule

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made up to $19m available in fiscal year 2016 to support states with the produce safety rule.

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