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Technology 'excludes the possibility' of insects surviving in NAN follow-on formula: Nestlé India

Technology used to produce NAN PRO-3 follow-on formula "excludes the possibility" of insects surviving in packaging, says Nestlé India. 

FSA: Microbiological contamination topped reported incidents

Microbiological contamination was the most common incident category in 2014, according to a report from the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Bonduelle reduces workplace safety incidents thanks to Alchemy

Bonduelle has revealed it reduced lost-time incidents to zero and those that require medical aid by 50% after starting to work with Alchemy Systems.

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Beetle concerns in pre-packaged salads

Beetles have been found in imported leafy vegetables, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Food defense action being taken ahead of regulation - TycoIS

Major brand companies are aware of the threat posed by deliberate contamination and are taking mitigating food defense steps ahead of regulation but the risk is greater from smaller companies,...

May: Which supplements were blocked at the EU border this month?

DNP, Peruvian novel food and therapeutic arsenic clay. NutraIngredients rounds up another month of supplements blocked at the EU border.

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Senator targets inorganic arsenic limits in rice

A US senator has put forward legislation that would require the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to set a maximum level of inorganic arsenic in rice and food containing rice.

Lawyer: FSMA is going to hit small snack makers hard

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is going to squeeze smaller snack players who may not have the finances and resources to implement required changes under regulations, warns a lawyer.

Lead level concerns in Maggi Noodles prompt Nestlé India response

Nestlé has hit back at orders from an Indian food safety authority to recall Maggi noodles because of lead levels.

ConAgra to pay $11.2m to settle Salmonella case

A subsidiary of ConAgra will pay $11.2m related to the shipment of contaminated peanut butter linked to a 2006-07 Salmonella outbreak.

Dispatches: Campden BRI Snacks Technology Conference

Safe snack NPD: Microbial risks must be considered, warns expert

Snack product developers must carefully consider microbial risks that could be associated with use of new ingredients or processes, says an expert.

Safe Food Coalition welcomes final rule on mechanically tenderized beef

Members of the Safe Food Coalition have welcomed the final rule to require labeling of mechanically tenderized beef products.

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Unapproved substance prompts poultry recall

AA Poultry Processing is recalling almost 2,200 pounds of chicken and 21 pounds of turkey products, which may be contaminated with trichloro-s-triazinetrione, which is not approved for poultry processing.

Dominant strains of Lactobacillus curvatus and Lsakei

Scientists examine growth curves for lactobacilli (LAB) in smoked ham

A project that looks at predictive models for bacterial growth in cured ham has found dominant strains of Lactobacillus curvatus at 4°C and Lsakei at 8°C.

Nanoparticles in consumer products significantly alter normal gut bacteria

Exposure to metal oxide nanoparticles at levels that could be present in foods and drinking water could lead to measurable changes in the gut microbiota, say researchers.

NAMPA and ACC hit out at BPA decision

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and the North American Metal Packaging Alliance (NAMPA) have slammed a decision by a Californian committee to list bisphenol A (BPA) on Proposition 65.

New Zealand treating 1080 infant formula contamination threat as 'live': MPI

New Zealand is treating the sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) infant formula contamination threat - detailed in blackmail letters to Fonterra and Federated Farmers - as "live."

Why are EU labelling laws failing to protect consumers from fish fraud?

With no ingredient or species information required for processed fish products, seafood fraud in Europe is prevalent – so why is EU legislation failing to protect consumers?

Revised ISO 22000 on food safety management set for 2017

Suppliers including pet food manufacturers and water companies are to be consulted on a revision of ISO 22000 on food safety management, due to be published in 2017.

200 scientists sign consensus asking for PFCs in food packaging to be phased out

Over 200 scientists from 38 countries have signed a consensus statement asking for PFCs in food packaging to be phased out, according to The Green Science Policy Institute.

Tap Root Dairy owner sentenced for Clean Water Act violation

The owner of a dairy farm in North Carolina has been sentenced and fined for violating the Clean Water Act, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Senators urge full FSMA funding

Seven senators have urged full funding of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food safety work through the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 

Food safety legislation in the US and Europe now a blueprint for emerging markets such as China

Food safety legislation and standards in both the US and the European Union are now blueprints for similar regulations in emerging markets, such as China, both to improve safety for...

Nestlé wades into debate on rapid and conventional microbiological methods

Nestlé is one of the keynote speakers wading into the debate about ‘what’s new’ in traditional and rapid methods for food-orientated microorganisms.

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Fleixcon offers free testing on its sanitary Tubular Cable Conveyor for preventing plant contamination

Flexicon has launched a Flexi-Disc sanitary Tubular Cable Conveyor for fragile bulk foods and non-foods and is offering free testing at its laboratory in Pennsylvania, US.

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